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Whaaat!? Icons!?

Our joint icon journal. [Yes, it's a joke.]

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dongpeiyen1000 and sarahleia's joint icon journal. it's a joke.
hello!01Welcome to whaaat_icons!
We started this community as a bit of a joke, hence the subheading. It was late at night and, well, I'll speak for myself, I was really, really hyper. We originally intended to start it in order to post an icon battle. Never did finish or post the icon battle, which is good because I would have lost. Now, as you can probably see by our posts, we do take it a little bit more seriously, posting bona fide icons - and sometimes headers! - but we really hope that we can retain that joking spirit and sense of humour that led us to start this in the first place.
There's no way we want whaaat_icons to turn into a stuffy icon community of friends-only posts and moderated entries that must be approved for quality before they are posted. No. This will not happen. There are some reasons that this would be a stupid idea, anyway:
* We are the mods you bloody clowns as well as the only posters in the community, so approving our own icons for quality is going to be a little bit biased, isn't it?
* Icon-making is a constant learning experience. You pick up new techniques every day. It's all about experimenting. You know what I mean?

requests?02We do take requests!
Okay, so dongpeiyen1000 takes requests over here (open until further notice.) That's your best bet. sarahleia will be happy for you to request things in a comment to any of her posts, but she/I'm (third person is hard) a lazy sod and there's no guarantee that I'll ever do it. You can ask, you can hope and dream, but it's like a lottery. Do feel free to ask, though!

rules031. If you take an icon, please do comment. Comments make us happier than Sam Tyler in a properly conducted police interview.

2. If you take an icon, please credit us. Now, the important thing to remember is that this isn't one person's icon community, it's two people's. Therefore, depending on whose icon it is, please credit either:
dongpeiyen1000 @ whaaat_icons, OR
sarahleia @ whaaat_icons

3. If you like what you see in the community, feel free to click the little 'watch' icon. Operative word being 'watch'. See, if you click 'watch', then straight away you can follow the posts in the community, but if you click 'join', you'll have to wait for daaaaays until one of us can be bothered to approve you and after all that, you won't be able to post, anyway. 'Joining' this community is just like 'watching' any other.

4. Rules are fun. To make and to break!

5. There is no rule five.

6. Enjoy our icons and have fun browsing through them!

interests04And now for another comprehensive list for you to get an idea of what we post icons of so you'll know where to look.

dongpeiyen1000doctor who, supernatural, life on mars, torchwood, how i met your mother, pushing daisies, house md, panic at the disco, cobra starship, green day, penny arcade, glee as well as other random stuff.

sarahleiadoctor who, iron man, sherlock holmes, life on mars, harry potter, star wars, monty python, house md as well as other random stuff.

lastly05One more thing! Our tags are there for a reason! They're very well organised and you can use them to find anything, so do make use of them!
Now, get on with it! Go and look at the posts!
And now for something completely different. It's...WHAAAT!? ICONS?